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Welcome to Bogside Publishing, Inc. Field Engineering Books for more than 30 years.

Beginning in 1978 New Hampshire Bindery which Bogside Publishing is a subsidiary of, started binding Field Books for the surveying industry suppliers. In recent years many Companies have chosen the path of having their product produced abroad, resulting in lower quality standards, sub-par performance and lengthy time delays with shipments. Bogside Publishing proudly announces that our product is printed and bound in the United States. Through the many years we have helped with the concept, design and marketing many of the books you the consumer are purchasing today. With this lengthy background we are proud to offer you a full range of Water Resistant Engineer & Survey Books. Manufactured with rugged durability, and all the technical information required to perform your job.

Bogside Publishing, Inc.

Our Surveyor and Engineer Field Books are Available from these Exclusive Dealers:

Baseline Equipment Company

Hayes Instrument Company

Engineer Supply

Survey Supply, Inc.

Maine Technical Source

Benchmark Tool & Supply, Inc.

Optical Engineering Company, Inc.

Keystone Precision Instruments


"When our customers began to report that the quality of the field books we were selling was not meeting their expectations, it was a big issue. Our customers rely on their field notes and expect them to last for years after they have been written. We chose Bogside books not only because they were manufactured in the US, but the samples you sent us were a quality product and our long time clients agreed. Bogside provided competitive pricing and fast delivery when we place stock orders. The one to one experience with you mirrors the way we come to market and it is great to have someone that knows your history as soon as you introduce yourself. Thank you Taylor and Bogside for being a great vender to deal with. I look forward to doing business with you for a long time."

James A. Flack
President & CEO ~ Baseline Equipment Company